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Avoid Excess Spending, Save Wisely.

Savings may be difficult for some people because it involves decreasing current consumption and investing in a future standard of living, some individuals incorrectly view savings as what is remaining after their current wants and needs have been satisfied, without making savings as a priority of paying yourself first, you can't save because savings can be enhanced through budgeting of finance or income, budgeting involves setting plans on how to spend money to save and reduce expenditure.

Budgeting creates a spending plan for your money and ensures there is enough money to spend to avoid overspending or even debts and to enhance savings, budgeting is one of the most prominent habits one can adopt to save effectively because it tracks one's spending.

 After learning how to spend your money and trace your spending then you focus on saving.

Saving money gives you financial security for unexpected emergencies and future investments, if you are working you should save for future retirements, and it's advised to save 20% of your monthly income, and after retirement, you can make the most of what you get from the savings, it also reduces financial risk, it prepares you for emergencies, expenses, future purchases, investments.

This is a guideline assisting people on how they should save 'pay yourself first,  put money away into savings before you pay other bills or use the money for another spending.