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I am very grateful and excited to know SaveBeta. One of the hardest things for me was saving. I even bought one of those traditional boxes (Kolo) to help me with my savings but at the end of the day I will still break the box, pull out my money and still no achievement. I needed discipline and this I was able to achieve when I started using the SaveBeta Platform .


My name is Adedayo Rekoya; I am a professional barber. I heard about SaveBeta from one of your offline marketers. At first, I was skeptical about saving on the platform but I gave it a try. I started with a small amount that I could afford to lose, but to my surprise, they gave me my money when I requested it with good interest. Presently I have continued my savings with them. I encourage everyone to try Savebeta. To me, it's the number 1 saving platform where you can confidently save your money with the assurance that it is safe.


My name is Awunri Victor; I am a businessman. I heard about SaveBeta from one of their offline marketers. At first, I was reluctant to join the saving platform due to terrible saving experiences I have had in the time past. My wife motivated me and told me to give it a try. I started with the Betatarget saving plan. I Locked my target for three months, I met my target, and I got my money with interest. I did a second time and presently I am saving for my third target on Savebeta. I also encourage all to join the family of SaveBeta so they too can meet their targets goals.


My name is Majekodunmi; I am a bread seller. I heard about SaveBeta from a friend who had tried the platform.I registered Four months ago and started small till I was convinced. I love their customer support; they were always there to help me reach my saving targets. Their withdrawal doesn't take time plus, I was recently awarded a gift as the Saver of the Month. I am proud to use the SaveBeta platform. I also encourage you to join the SaveBeta family.


My name is Jerry Njoku; I am a businessman. I also heard about SaveBeta from one of their offline marketers. Saving as a family man was never easy for me, so many bills to settle. I gave Savebeta a trial because they had a good savings plan that could help me meet my saving goals. With SaveBeta I was able to discipline myself and build a saving culture through their beta target plan. I am happy to say that I am reaching some of my savings goals today. I encourage my fellow businessmen and those who have difficulty in saving to try SaveBeta. They would never regret it.